Coach Spotlight- Jay Miller
by Chris Bilder, Generals Staff Writer

Eugene, OR-

Chris Bilder: You were the Assistant Coach for two seasons, and have now been the Head Coach for 16 games. What are the differences for you between being the Assistant Coach and the Head Coach?

Jay Miller: I think the biggest difference is overall game planning. Itís definitely different having to play every aspect of the game and oversee its execution, as opposed to seeing just one side or the other.

CB: Rate how the season has gone so far for the team and for you.

JM: If I had to give it a grade, I would say itís about a B right now. I feel like weíre playing well, but could be playing so much better.

CB: Are you satisfied with the teamís 13-3 record?

JM: If you would have told me in March that we were going to have a 13-3 record at this point I would have been pretty happy, but having seen the potential that my team possesses I think we can have a much better win percentage.

CB: What do you want the teamís record to be at the end of the season?

JM: 45-3. I always strive for perfection, but I Ďm realistic to the amount of obstacles that are in our way. Ultimately, whatever record gets us into the playoffs.

CB: Who has been the biggest surprise on the team this season?

JM: Iíd say my biggest surprises right now are all of my young kids. I never expected them to put up 50 points, but the rate they are improving definitely raises an eyebrow.

CB: What has been your biggest coaching difficulty this season?

JM: The success has been difficult. Iím worried the players will get comfortable with the teamís record and not show up every game. My biggest difficulty is keeping them focused and on the ball.

CB: What would you like to see from the team over the next couple months on the road?

JM: I would like to see us win more games than we lose. Itís always draining being away from home for an extended period of time. I would like to see us go into Christmas break with a winning record over the next 13 games.

CB: What has been your favorite moment this season?

JM: I think our most exciting moment was our overtime win against Seattle. Theyíre always such a great opponent, and anytime you can get two points from them, especially in overtime, always gets the blood running.

CB: What has been your most frustrating moment this season?

JM: Trying to get the team to show up in the first period.

CB: What are your goals for the team this season?

JM: Right now my only goal is to make the playoffs, and have 25 guys who are willing and able to step up in the lineup whenever they are called upon.