Player Spotlight- Kirby Carlson
by Melany Boulton, Generals Staff Writer

Player Spotlight Kirby Carlson

Eugene, OR - Kirby Carlson started off his junior hockey career with a goal in his first game with Generals back in September 24th, the first game of the Generals’ 2010/2011 season. Carlson’s goal came early in the game’s second period and he says it is one of his most memorable moments with the Generals.

Carlson’s showed in his first game that he would be a valuable addition to the Generals’ squad this season. So far, he’s racked up 38 points giving him the third highest point total for the team. “I’d really like to get to 50 points by the end of the season,” says Carlson.

Carlson describes himself as a “small and fast” forward and points out that he is a stronger passer than scorer. The right-hander has 25 assists to back prove it. However, there are some areas of his game that he is working to improve. “I need to work on improving my shooting. That’s the main thing I am focusing on right now,” he says.

The forward, who also plays guitar in his free time, hopes to move up to the NAHL after the Generals.

Carlson’s expectations for the team are for the Generals to make a solid run in the playoffs. He says the team’s 18-22 record doesn’t reflect the progress that he and his teammates have made this season. “We really just have come together a lot since the beginning of the season,” he explains. “Our chemistry has improved a lot and now we play like a team instead of just a bunch of individual players out on the ice.”