An ice hockey experience

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
by Emma Hoernlein

I grew up in the cold with a sheet of ice, and a love for the game. The rink is my home away from home, and it all started with my older brother Connor. My brother was five when my mother started him in the most uncommon sport she could think if in this area. That sport turned out to be hockey.

Emma is an aspiring writer and a big, long time, Generals fan.

Connorís first practice was a Learn to Play class. All the player tried to skate around, but ended up in a big heap. Even though they were enable to play hockey, because they couldnít skate, Connor asked ďwhen am I coming back?Ē and that was just the beginning.

Connor had been playing five years by the time my other brother and I started. At first I didnít think I wanted to play hockey. After watching my two brothers for a while, I wanted to give it a try. So I geared up and went out during a drop in to skate, and I loved it!

Not only do I play hockey, but I watch a lot of the Generalís games, in which my brother plays in. The generals started in 2005, and I have been there since the very beginning. Although I donít remember much, I do remember coming to every game after. My family got so involved with hockey, that we know all the players, and coaches.

One spring my family even, cleaned the Generalís locker room. I think I was only ten, when the general manager, Flint, a good friend of ours, asked if we could help. My brothers and I thought it be that hard, so we were happy to help. Later on we learned this was more difficult than expected. On the fist day of cleaning, we emptied out the locker room of its trash and remaining hockey gear. After that we vacuumed the floor and stalls. Then we scrubbed the floor by hand and tried to make the room smell better. The second day, we scrubbed the floor again. Only stopping to mop it. I remember getting on my hands and knees, to scrub and the sandy textured dirt scratched up my knees, turning them red. The third day and last, we mopped once, swept it, sanitized the gear stalls, and added the final touches. For payment they let us pick a stall so we could store our hockey gear in it over summer break.

You can say the rink is where our story begins, where everyday faces have become family, and where some of the best memories and best friends have been made.